Sunday, March 16, 2008

Tim Legler sets record for most contradictory, noncommital analysis yet offered this season

This is the year of the NBA fan, truly. Analysts and experts all over the country are practically living on an exclusive diet of crow. But there is a clear way around being proven hopelessly wrong, and that is to not clearly express an opinion at all. I bring forth exhibit A, Tim Legler's most recent article on the daily dime. Here is a truncated version -- the order in which sentences appear has NOT been modified. I've just taken some fluff out, which has been replaced with (...).

"The Houston Rockets have won 21 consecutive games? I mean, for the last nine games of the streak we are talking about Tracy McGrady and a bunch of solid role players... Those skeptics that believe the Rockets will fade down the stretch and get bounced in the first round regardless of their seeding may be eating their words six weeks from now. This team can win in the postseason if they get the right matchup. In that regard, they are no different than any of the other Western Conference teams.
...Simply put, they are the best overall defensive team in the NBA. But with that said can the Houston Rockets actually do some damage in the playoffs? The answer is yes, if they get paired up with Dallas, New Orleans, Golden State, or Phoenix. As far as the Spurs, Lakers, and Jazz go, each of these teams has the necessary combination of talent, scoring balance, discipline, defensive impact, and coaching prowess to take care of business against the Rockets... The Rockets are a serious threat in the West. They are the underdog, without a doubt."

-End of ridiculousness.

Uh, what? Dude, any team that is matched up against Golden State (8-seed) or Dallas (7-seed) looks like they will have a nice shot at advancing. As for New Orleans, they are a wild-card, as it remains to be seen what kind of playoff performer Chris Paul will be, not to mention how the Hornet's injury situation will hold up. Phoenix, on the other hand, has been to the western conference finals 2 of the last 3 years (last year, their 2nd round match-up with the Spurs was the finals). Houston, not so much. Until it happens, I believe it foolish to predict that a perennial contender will be eliminated in the first round by a perennial first-round loser. (But they won't play in the first round, because Phoenix is making a run at the Rockets and Lakers for 1st place in the conference.)

The Rockets have won an insane amount of games in a row in an insane conference. If you want to entertain me, write an article about why the Rockets will win it all this year, Timmay. I don't need to read about how everyone has a chance.