Thursday, June 5, 2008

Kerr doesn't feel like trying too much

“I worked with Flip (when both were TNT analysts) and like him a lot. I think he’s been a really good coach in the league and done a good job everywhere he’s gone,” Kerr said. “(But) we’re pretty far in our process. … We really feel good about it, and I don’t feel like changing course altogether and just doing something that’s totally out of the blue.”

So that's Steve Kerr speaking there. None of the coaches phoenix is considering are likely to be grabbed off the market anytime soon. Why is he not going to consider Flip Saunders? He doesn't feel like it? Talking to Flip Saunders would be "totally out of the blue"? Did he not realize that Saunders was on the hot seat and that the playoffs were going on? What!??

It sounds to me a little like Kerr doesn't feel up to the task of explaining to his prospect(s) that there is someone else in the picture that warrants consideration. If Saunders is not right, just say so Steve. This is very un-GM behavior.