Thursday, March 13, 2008

Suns show they can run with warriors

The Suns did what Dallas couldn't in last year's playoffs -- play a small lineup against the Warriors and come away victorious. This was a game in which Shaq was a non-factor, except to keep Amare out of foul trouble in the 1st half. It was also a game in which Marion would have been useful, but the Suns picked up the slack. I would have liked to see them slow it down against Golden State, but we'll take the win and build on that. Barbosa, despite a sequence in which he missed 3 wide open 3-pointers in a row, showed improvement.

Suns-Warriors Box

Warriors game, halftime update

I'm not impressed from what I've seen of the Warriors. Their defense is porous and their half-court offense isn't always effective. If the Suns can cut down on turnovers and get Shaq involved in the 2nd half to rebound the ball a little bit, this will be a win. The old way to deal with running teams like the warriors was to wear them down. I'd really like to see more Shaq and Amare, and then get Bell and Barbosa involved on the perimeter.

Warriors game, 1st quarter impressions

What we're seeing so far is the Suns trying to match up small against the Warriors. Shaq hasn't seen much action and it's an up-tempo game. This is an uphill battle. I think the Suns need to insist on integrating Shaq into the game and imposing their will on the Warriors. On the plus side, Nash was just quoted as saying "We're all in love again".

And Giricek records his first 3-pointer as a Sun! Entertaining game so far!

Are the Suns Vulnerable to Running Teams?

Tonight's 10:30 PM match-up (on TNT) with the Warriors at home will test Phoenix's transition and perimeter defense. And the Suns will need to limit their turnovers in order to control this game the way they have the previous two. If the Suns can find a way to involve Shaq in this game and pull out a victory, I'm willing to accept that our future is starting to look bright. Expect more coverage tonight!